Humanoid Robot LEONARDO
Design & Functional Anatomy

bionic & the art of moving
quantum physics & humanlike robots
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Humanoid robot LEONARDO - a force-sensitive sensomotoric robot with natural intelligence, inspired by well known properties of biological structures. The movement results from the structural intelligence of the whole system. The kinematic of the chassis in combination with elastic tension force storages - artifical muscles - reveals a natural kind of locomotion. The dynamic is signed out by attractors, which are self-stabilizing, oscillating patterns and templates of structural behavior. Minor disturbances will be compensated by the elasticity and absorbing capabilities of the elastic tension, major disturbances or changes of forces will be managed by active tension regulations, like human muscles. The feedback from the environment (gravitation, accelerations, ground reaction forces) is realized due to passive elasticity - hence force sensitivity - of the whole system, slightly supported by sensors.