From double-slit to bifurcations (technical literature Einstein Year 2005, Germany)

Einstein's Legacy:
The Revolution of Physics -
The Solution of the wave/
particle paradox

From double-slit to bifurcations
Ideas for a new, enantiomorphic
field-structure physics (2003)
That great science consists in the end of the art to recognize the boundaries of science and to overcome these barriers ever and ever with new ideas & concepts, has never been demonstrated so clear as Einstein did. Altough he is accepted as greatest physicist of the 20th century the majority of physicists feels not capable to follow his ontological and epistemological demands on physics as a science of real existing Nature. That the complete missing of sensefull ideas, free of contradictions, of the physis of reality - short, the intellectual emptiness of quantum mechanics - only reveals the boundaries of our non-understanding and demands a much more radical revolution of all our concepts of Nature and reality is not very well understood until today. Most physicists are subjected to a subtile „brainwash“ (John Bell, Murray Gell-Man) to ignore the logic, which has to be sacrified on the altar of science - only to rescue the atom and elementary particle hypothesis. Nevertheless this critic seems harsh (or even by this reason) this book was appreciated in the German Einstein Year 2005 as an original and independent contribution - and was official recommended as experts literature.