"Humanoid Robot LEONARDO" Evolution 4.0. Bionic Robot Design by Mario Wingert, Germany. Birch plywood / Height 1,80 m / 57 DOF. Advertising robots, entertainment robots, robot rent, Buy a humanoid robot life-size

Humanoid Robot LEONARDO
Limited Design Editions

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Born out of a vision, realized with superfast high-tech laser machines. Unique robot design and precisional robot anatomy - a platonic structure, timeless & fashion resistent, inspired by bionic and quantum physics. Leonardo robot 4.0 (2017), life-size 1,8 m / birch plywood / 57 DOF / weight 9-12 kg. Stranger 3.0 (2009): Museum of the Future Ars Electronica Center Linz "this robot connects the FabLab with the RoboLab". Human Robot(x) Design Project: www.human-robotx.com