A new realistic interpretation of quantum theory. Quantum Top Secret´s book cover - Schroedingers atom, new seen: An "atom" which performs a cell division or holistic division or branching process (this is Avogadro´s hypothesis, quantum physically new interpreted)

Quantum Top Secret - The
Solution of the Quantum Enigma.
Metamorphosis of a Worldview

Popular Science Book, 2008 (german)
Book Exposé Quantum Top Secret (pdf)
The Cell Division & Branching Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

For 90 years the quantum enigma has been thought to be unsolvable. But on objective examination of the key experiments becomes clear that the atomic hypothesis (Democrit's indivisibility) is disproved by Nature. How? The double-slit experiment shows clearly that single atoms, electrons, and light quanta have to pass the double-slit simultaneously, but come to effect ever point-like local as a whole. Thus they are not indivisible particles, but divisible and reuniteable as an integral whole. It shows branching & fusion of fields. By accepting this experimentally affirmed fact instead of ignoring it ontologically (like the quantum mechanical interpretation) one immediately realizes the field structure Einstein had searched for and discovers a new, experimentally well founded, holistic world view! Both the particle term of mechanics and the atomic hypothesis are disproved by experiment - and that also reveals the nature of perception by thinking. www.amazon.co.uk