Quantum numbers and branching atoms. Skizzenbuch, Mario Wingert 1998

Quantum Enigma (part 5):
Quantum Theory Makes Sense!

Strange World? Change Your Mind!
Quantum Enigma. The Wonder of Nature
Artist's plea for a reality concept in quantum theory (2007)

Quantum theory makes sense: We only have to accept the failure of the atomic paradigm, and of the body term of mechanics. Hence there is no reason to doubt on a reality, or to avoid any senseful statement in physics about the true constitution of Nature - only our basic physical assumptions were wrong. For the new picture of the world does it mean: Nature does not consist of atoms or elementary particles (atomos: the indivisible), and light quanta are not pointlike indivisible energy concentrations which move through "the space". Instead we have to do now with enantiomorph branched field structures with various densities, which behave as an integral whole. The message is: Democrit's 2500 years old atom hypothesis is dead, but Avogadro's molecule & division hypothesis survives - in form of a non-mechanical, holistic divison process. This is the new physical principle, which is now equally valid for physics, chemistry and biology.