the new copenhagen interpretation of quantum theory: molecular physics without atoms (2012)
quantum numbers and the cell division of fields: discovery in quantum physics

Quantum Enigma (part 3):
Creativity and Cognition

Missing Scientific Optimism,
Encouragement, and Phantasy
The New Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Theory: Molecular Physics without Atoms


Because physicists and philosophers fails miserably to the enigma since generations theoretical physics today has given up the original goal of science - to understand Nature and reality. In 1964 Richard Feynman, nobel laureat, had to confess: „Nobody understands quantum mechanics“. Until today quantum physics is hiding the true constitution of matter and light, and the secret of the mind. Since Einstein's farewell we are only missing problem understanding, opti­mism and accompanying "crazy" ideas. For the most physicists the task seems to be to difficult. And nobody would get any encouragement by leading physicists, because: „What we need is phantasy... but phantasy with a horrible straight­jacket. If you are able to discover another, different view at the world which is compatible to all what we have observed - then you have made a great discovery. This is almost, but not absolutely im­possible“  (R.Feynman). Indeed, Mr. Feynman!