holistic field branching & fusion processes in the double slit experiment (left) and the partial reflection process (right)

Quantum Enigma (part 2):
Double-Slit Experiment & Partial Reflexion

The Failure of the Atomic Hypothesis
in the Quantum Theory of Light.
A new Interpretation of Quantum Theory:
The Discovery of Holistic Division & Fusion Processes in the Double-Slit Experiment

Two simple experiments that nobody understands. It seems completely impossible to explain these experiments physically and logically free of contradictions. What does it mean? Are they showing a con­sti­tution of reality - of light and matter - which is not re­cognize­able on principle? Or rather a simple failure of our old reality models (body, atom & wave)? In opposition to the most physicists Einstein saw this situation as a complete failure of our traditional physical models and pleaded for a search for a new physics, in which matter and light should be recognized as the same, as energetic field structures different only in their density. He must already have seen the failure of the body term of mechanics as the main reason of the quantum dilemma, but he could never find a new physical principle to prepare the field theory fitting to the experimental facts - and to the atomistic worldview. Nevertheless this principle must be very simple and seems to hide directly behind the double-slit.