Quantum Physics with Reality: The branching, bifurcation or cell division principle in physics and chemistry. Avogadro's original hypothesis from 1811, new interpreted and illustrated by mario wingert 2011. The discovery of a new physical principle (holistic division, cell division, enantiomorphic field branching, field bifurcation and local reunification)

Quantum Enigma (part 1):
Avogadro's Hypothesis

The Failure of the Atomic Hypothesis
in Physics and Chemistry.
But Nobody sees it!
Avogadro and the Fundamental
Problem of Physics
Avogadro's Hypothesis (original)
Today almost every child believes to know that the world is made of particles, and each student, that the atom is the best understood "micro-object" of Nature. When he becomes a physicist he needs a lot of intelligence to realize that this is not really the case. Between this naive imagination and the truth stands a simple ex­peri­ment, which is not reasonable explained until today: the double-slit experiment. It seems to say that Nature cannot consist of elementary particles, because they are capable "to be on different places" at the same time, so that their "atomic" or "elementary" (speak: indivisible) reality seems to be rather ghostlyness. That is so confusing that even the most intelligent heads are not able to see the "real point of this joke“ (Einstein 1917). Therefore some theorists believe that reality cannot exist, others that the universe is branching in parallel worlds, or that an conscious observer is needed to create an object-like reality...