deciphering the cosmic code (instead of searching for the world formula)

Exploring the Art
of Science

The Cosmic Code

Some physicists are surching for the world formula. It must explain everything and therefore it should be very complicated. But nobody is trying to solve the wave/quantum paradox anymore by re-thinking, nevertheless the accompanying experiments (p.e. the double slit experiment) are very simple. The same simplicity is shown by the cosmic code. But, as more and more you know, it becomes more and more difficult to solve the enigma. No wonder that only childs are able to find the solution easily. The cosmic code contains the secret of the universe, the solution of the quantum enigma and - maybe - the secret of the mind. Only a person who understands the code is capable to draw the missing sign without any doubt (on an interactive touch screen, displayed in the last window). 5 glass sheets 1x1 m, design concept 2006. Interactive installation with computer screen.