Sharpest Design
Aerodynamic Roof Box

Original scetches and models for a new generation of aero­dynamic car roof boxes (1991), based on profound personal ex­peri­ences in windtunnel researches and on biosemantic design principles. This concept has written design history, it forms the leading design line for car roof boxes until today. But there was no appreci­ation: After the first look KAMEI offers enthusi­asticly an ex­clusive design contract, but negoti­ations have never been started - altough Ferdinand Piech had already offered a market for good designed roof boxes for the new AUDI Avant line. And market leader THULE/ JETBAG in 1992: the design have to be „in front sharp, at the end fat, not counterwise... so we don´t believe that the market is ready for your develop­ments.“ Four years later it was: THULE presents the „sharpest box since the in­vention of the roof“ and „the peak of evolution“, finally one was „guided by an impressing example“...